GitHub Action

The Ply GitHub Action executes your autotests and optionally displays a badge ply success indicating success or failure.

Example workflow file

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@v3
    - uses: actions/setup-node@v3
        node-version: '16.x'
    - run: npm install
    - uses: ply-ct/ply-action@v2

This example runs all Ply tests and fails if they don’t succeed.

Ply results badge

A Ply badge can easily be added to public repositories, like this example from ply-demo:

![ply badge](
<!-- substitute your [owner]/[repository] -->

In fact, ply-action is not even required for this feature. The badge URL above follows the same pattern as GitHub workflow status badges. The standard GitHub badge URL for ply-demo’s workflow is, whereas to display a Ply badge for the same workflow the URL is Basically the same path (<owner>/<repository>/workflows/<workflow_name>). This works for public repositories because Ply is able to retrieve their workflow build status. The question mark at the end of the URL is to prevent overly-aggressive GitHub CDN caching.

Private repositories

Private repositories can use ply-action as in the example above, but to include a badge some additional configuration is needed:

    - uses: ply-ct/ply-action@v2
        github-token: $
        badge-branch: badge
        badge-path: ply-badge.svg

This directs ply-action to commit and push the current status badge to the (orphan) branch named ‘badge’. It’s orphanness keeps the branch clean. No need to create the branch ahead of time. Once you’ve executed the workflow, its Ply badge can be referenced from your own repository:

![ply badge](<owner>/<repository>/blob/badge/ply-badge.svg)

External execution

If you’ve already integrated Ply CLI commands into a GitHub workflow (say with code coverage metrics), you may prefer to skip Ply test execution altogether, and use ply-action simply to perform a badge commit based on the results of previous Ply CLI run. In that case, specify the path to an overall Ply results file created using the --resultFile CLI arg:

    - uses: ply-ct/ply-action@v2
        ply-path: node_modules/ply-ct/dist
        result-file: test/api/results/actual/ply-results.json        
        github-token: $
        badge-branch: badge
        badge-path: ply-badge.svg


Name Default Description
plyees (all ply tests) Glob pattern(s) for requests/flows/cases
cwd . Working directory for ply execution
ply-path (embedded ply) Path to ply package when installed as dependency (eg: node_modules/@ply-ct/ply/dist)
result-file   Result file in case Ply tests were already run in a previous workflow/job
badge-branch   Branch to contain status badge (eg: “badge”). Needed to display Ply badge for private repositories.
badge-path ply-badge.svg Save badge to this file path (relative to repo root). Only used with badge-branch.
github-token   GitHub token for pushing badge updates. Required if badge-branch input is specified.

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